Astrea Rounds

We can absolutely guarantee you that it will be the best makeup removing experience for your skin.

Product Type: Makeup remover reusable rounds
Skin type: Made for all skin types
Key Benefits: cleansing skin
Key Ingredients: organic cotton
Made for: Everyday use, after a night out, or whenever you need a restorative facial cleanse



We support healthy lifestyles by excluding chemical fragrances, dyes, or parabens.

Ultimate hydration meets skin purifying oil, this makeup remover is named after Greek Goddess Astrea – the goddess of purity.

Day eraser purifying oil for a clean hydrated healthy skin

All thanks to our sustainably made Egyptian organic cotton side (which is considered to be the best quality in the world) to remove your makeup

Day eraser purifying oil for a clean hydrated healthy skin

How to Use

Can be used with every type of makeup removing product (oil/balm/lotion/micellar)
Every pad can be reused for more than 360 times

+ Use the makeup removing product of your choice directly on your face with soft circular motions and use your pad with water to remove your makeup. You can also apply your product directly to your pad.

+ Wash your pad right after use with warm water and any type of soap. You can also wash your pads in washing machine with clothes of the same color (up to 40 degrees)

+ Can be dried naturally or tumble dry or (if you're in a hurry) using a hair dryer. Ready for nextuse!

We celebrate your raw,authentic self with our clean skincare line that boosts your inner and outer glory.