SOMA+SOUL x Pact’s Mail-Back Collection Program

The most sustainable way for Pact to process your hard-to-recycle beauty empties is through our In-Store Collection Program. Take a minute to check if there’s a Pact Collection Bin near you- see locations across the US and Canada here. No Pact Bin near you? You can mail back your clean empties–the ones listed on our guidelines— to Pact’s Collection Facility.

To participate, please follow the three steps below. Soma + Soul is covering all collection and recycling fees. Since Pact is a nonprofit we need folks to contribute $5 to cover the shipping costs. Together, we can close the loop on hard-to-recycle beauty packaging. 

Let’s Recycle your Empties


Follow the link below to complete checkout and you’ll receive a shipping label and instructions via email


Place 5-10 clean, Pact approved hard-to-recycle beauty packages from any brand in a box (no larger than 6”x6”x3”) or envelope (no larger than 8”x12”)


Drop your package in the mailbox and we’ll recycle your empties