What is Clean Beauty

The New HBO Show that will empty out your skincare supply

How often do you think about the types of chemicals and products that go into your skincare, which goes onto your face? If you said, “a bunch”, then bravo!!!If you said “never”, then listen up.

We recently had a binge-sesh of HBO’s new show, Not So Pretty – a deep dive into the beauty, wellness, and cosmetics industries – showcasing the horrifying details and hidden trade secrets that are harming people in truly terrifying ways.

Here’s the 5 shocking takeaways from Episode 3, which was all about skincare.

1. EDC’s, or endocrine disrupting chemicals, are chemicals commonly found in skincare products that cause harm to our hormones.

This is scary for a few reasons. Hormone disruption can be linked to miscarriages, liver diease, and even braindevelopment in children. When we unknowingly put products on our bodies (body wash, skin lotion, face wash, etc.) that contain these EDCs, we’re putting ourselves and our future offspring at risk.

2. Chemicals in our skincare products can deeply affect and harm sperm count and fertility rates.

According to the show, the world has never seen reproductive rates so low. Harmful chemicals like BPAs, phthalates, and EDCs are causing wide-spread issues with sperm count (in 2045, if we keep going at the rate we are today, sperm count would be zero…#helloHandmaid’sTale), amongst other things.

3. The word “Fragrance” is extremely deceptive.

The chemical phthalate is what holds a scent within a product. These chemicals are highly toxic, and yet companies don’t have to disclose to the public if they use these in their products. From harming babies for years to the vast repercussions they have on adults, it’s best to pick products that don’t have the word “fragrance” on it, since that may be an indicator it contains harmful chemicals.

4. Packing is just as likely to introduce harmful chemicals into your bloodstream as ingredients are.

From water bottles or packaged goods, the plastic that contains our products often contains BPAs, a highly toxic chemical that has been linked to early puberty, reproductive issues in both men and women, and more. And while some crackdowns have been made, companies have found a loophole: if they replace the BPA chemicals with chemicals that do the same thing but have a different name, they can skirt the law.

5. The Dos and Don’ts for keeping your skincare healthy isn’t too complex.

Here’s a handy guide for how to keep your skincare in check:

  • Check out apps, blogs, online writing and trusted sources (influencers, social, etc.) that discuss products that are considered SAFE within the beauty. Review before you buy and see what your community has to say.
  • Be wary of products that use the word “fragrance” on the ingredient list. It likely means something fishy / highly toxic is up.
  • Avoid plastic recycling with the numbers 3, 6, and 7 as they are more likely to leach harmful chemicals into your food / items. Instead use 2, 4, 5 as your good-to-buy-guide.
  • Look at the products in your home. What can you move away from using or replacing with a more sustainable, plastic-free and chemical free product? Shifting your mindset is vital.

Insightful, huh? Also eye-opening. View the episode on HBO Max and let us know what stood out to you in the comments.